Common Car Detailing Problems:

  • Washing With A Single Rag or Sponge
    Every time you brake, a cloud of vaporized brake pad particles forms. These particles are very abrasive and itchy and can settle on your wheels. Every time you wash your entire car with a single washcloth, you’re doing more harm than good to your car.
  • Scratches on the Surfaces
  • Are you annoyed with how minor and serious scratches can spoil the overall look of your car? Take your vehicle to Auto Spa Bart Cork today for scratch protection and damage repair assistance!
  • Marring
    well Marring; Minor paint scratches due to stain remover. Towels are the most common reason for paint damage when painting a vehicle. They are very noticeable and difficult to get rid of.

At Auto Spa Bart Cork, we provide thorough interior and exterior cleaning services using proven processes and products to achieve a high level of results. Car Detailing Problems Solved at Auto Spa Bart Cork.

Car Detailing Problems
Car Detailing Problems

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