Car Paint Detailing Service Explained:

  • Silencer Coating Service
    Under your car, the exposed surface of your silencer brushes against dirt, stones, and mud, causing the silencer to rust and leak. The Silencer Coating Treatment protects the silencers of all kinds of vehicles from corrosion and rust.
  • Paint Protection Film Services
    If you are one of those people who want a perfect car with a glossy finish and maximum value retention, then a paint protector is worth it. The paint protector is almost imperceptible and has self-healing properties to prevent turbidity.

• Ceramic and Teflon Coating
Proper ceramic and Teflon coating service can greatly extend the life of your car paint! Not only do they make your paint last longer, but they also keep your car scratch-free and always looking like new!

Auto Spa Bart Cork provide a variety of car maintenance services throughout Ireland. Usually we use natural solvents.

Car Paint Detailing Service
Car Paint Detailing Service
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