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Our Professional Car Wash Cork takes a short time compared to washing at Car. Our Professional Car Wash Cork experts also use the right techniques and methods to not only make your car shine, but without potentially damaging your paintwork.

Treating your vehicle like a car wash is important, and not only for aesthetic reasons. If the exterior of your car is not washed regularly, it will lose its value when you sell or trade it in. Our Car Wash Cork team clean every car in ultra-soft gloves ready for painting and use only the best products.

Types Of Car Wash Services

Washing your car regularly will help prevent dirt, soot, rust and corrosion from constantly being on your car on the road. Choosing the type of car wash that best suits your needs is an important aspect of the long-term maintenance of your car.

  1. Hand Car Wash Service:
    This is one of the best car wash and cleaning services that you can choose. Hand washing is perfect for those who want to pay attention to the details of a service that only one can provide.
    In this detailed wash service, your car is washed by hand with soap and water, and the vehicle is thoroughly washed, dried and vacuumed.
  2. Steam Car Wash Service: This type of wash uses high heat through steam to dissolve the dirt in your car. This method is environmentally friendly as it uses less water and does not use chemicals listed for your car.
    In a steam machine, you don’t have to worry about washing your car and it’s time efficient.
  3. Automatic Car Wash Service: This is the most advanced type of car wash available today. An automatic car wash is suitable for those who want to wash their vehicle using computer technology in a few minutes.
    In this type of car wash technique, a conveyor system is usually used to carry the vehicle through the cleaning and drying machine.

Benefits of Professional Car Wash

Our professional Car Wash Cork team has offers different types of car washes that are used by experienced and trained professionals who use specialized tools, techniques and equipment to complete the car wash process. Choose between professional car wash methods to achieve a more satisfactory result according to the different types (their advantages and disadvantages) and the final choice that best suits your needs.

  • Complete Care: Our Car Wash Cork expert approach to using the right tools and techniques not only adds the right light and cleans any dirt, debris or other forms of dirt stuck to the surface, but also helps achieve a higher appearance without stains, looks and Feel free to offer.
  • Economic Value: Since there are many professional car wash options, we not only save a lot of time invested in our car, but also invest more energy in finding the type of wash that meets all our needs.
  • Addition on Car Value: It’s no secret that cars lose their value over time’s. Regular detailing and cleaning of your car will pay off in the long run, maintaining your car’s longevity and increasing its resale value.
  • Vehicle Safety: Professional Car Wash Cork team use the correct cleaning solutions, equipment, types of equipment and techniques. For each part, use different types of surfaces, solutions that do not damage the metal and do not damage the paint, etc. and others labeled with great care to remove all particles of dirt from the outer surface.

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