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Paint Correction Level 1

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Paint Correction Level 1

Paint Correction Level 1

Before we begin any Paint Correction, a deep cleaning or Paint Decontamination as it is referred to, will be necessary. Why? Even if you wash your car regularly, over time the paint on your car will get contaminated by tar, tree sap, bird droppings, acid-rain & iron filings.

It is essential to remove all contaminants from the paintwork to ensure the surface is perfectly smooth and free from anything that may inhibit the contact between the pads and product used for paint correction and the paint.
Paint decontamination involves using products specifically designed to remove these contaminants such as iron or fallout remover. A Clay bar is often used to remove fine particles bonded to the paintwork.

If your cars paintwork has not been maintained correctly, you will begin to notice the shine disappearing along with marring or marks in the paint that may look like spider webs. This can also occur from using a machine wash.

If left as is, this will reduce the resale value on your car. These issues can be corrected through a detailed process of machine polishing working through multiple stages of polishing using various types of ‘dual-action’ and ‘rotary polishers’ along with various types of polishes and pads.

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