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Before starting paint correction, the so-called deep cleaning or paint decontamination is required. Why? Even if you wash your car regularly, over time, tar, tree sap, guano, acid rain, and iron filings will contaminate your car’s painted surface. paint correction services.
To ensure that the surface is perfectly smooth, it is important to remove all contaminants in the paint and nothing that could affect the contact between the matte and the paint correction and the product used for the paint.

Paint Correction services involves the use of products specially designed to remove these contaminants, such as: B. Iron or radiation remover. Clay sticks are commonly used to remove fine particles associated with paint. If your car’s paint isn’t properly cared for, you may find that the gloss will disappear along with any damage or stains in the paint that looks like a cobweb. This can happen even with machine wash.

If you do not do this, it will reduce the resale value of your car. These problems can be corrected by using a variety of “double-acting” and “rotary polishing machines” as well as a variety of polishing agents and polishing pads to perform an elaborate machine polishing process for multi-stage polishing.

Paint Correction services

Remember how great it felt when you first saw your car on the showroom floor? The depth and brightness of the car paint, the first thing you fall in love with this car, is also the most concerned. Of course, your car’s painted surface may still shine, but if there is no depth and clarity, the shine is in vain, and this can only be achieved by proper machine polishing by an advanced paint repair specialist.

In addition to all the detail packages listed below, we strongly recommend adding a protective coating to make your new finish last longer!
For some examples of the difference between a before and after a perfect painting job, please contact Auto Spa Bart Cork. When you enter the field of multi-level

Paint Correction services

paint correction services you will significantly improve the finish by removing all swirls and all other products except the most serious scratches and blemishes.

Due to different paint types, car conditions and sizes, the price of multi-level paint fixes varies, but Auto Spa Bart will consult with each car owner to determine a more accurate pricing structure. The type and condition of the paint will also determine the degree of improvement, but typically this process can eliminate 85-95% of all defects on most cars. With this level of improvement, you can get very close to the level of improvement of a new vehicle without any paint!

Provide a variety of polishing and paint repair kits to get your paint in better condition. The vehicle is described mainly by removing black and oxidized surface defects.

Auto Spa Bart Cork offers a variety of polishing and paint correction packages to get your paint in the best condition possible.

Detailers, as well as consumers interested in cars, refer to painting correction cork as a technique that removes imperfections from the paintwork by removing haze, scratches, oxidation, and dullness so that the paintwork reflects light efficiently. The different types of imperfections include swirl marks and fine scratches, acid rain etching and bird dropping etching, holograms and buffer trails, and isolated deep scratches.

Throughout Ireland, Auto Spa Bart also offers various parking services in Cork shopping centres, retail stores and parking lots.

Paint correction Cork is a technique used by car dealers and consumers interested in cars to remove defects in paint, such as haze, scratches, oxidation and dullness, to increase the reflectivity of paint. Auto Spa Bart Cork various types of defects, such as swirl marks and fine scratches, acid rain and bird shoveling, hologram and buffer marks, and single deep scratches.