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What surfaces are cleaned during a full dry interior service?

What surfaces are cleaned during a full dry interior service?

During a full dry interior car cleaning service, various surfaces inside the vehicle are thoroughly cleaned using dry or low-moisture methods. The goal is to remove dust, dirt, and debris without the use of water to maintain a clean and fresh interior. The surfaces that are typically cleaned during a full dry interior service include:

  1. Seats: Both front and rear seats are cleaned, including the fabric, leather, or vinyl surfaces. Any loose dirt and debris are removed, and if necessary, a dry cleaning solution or fabric brush may be used.

  2. Carpets: The vehicle’s carpeted areas, including floor mats, are thoroughly vacuumed and brushed to remove dirt, dust, and loose particles.

  3. Dashboard: The dashboard and instrument panel are dusted and wiped to remove dust, fingerprints, and light stains.

  4. Center Console: The center console, including any storage compartments and cup holders, is cleaned and dusted.

  5. Door Panels: Door panels, including the armrests and handles, are dusted and wiped clean.

  6. Steering Wheel: The steering wheel is cleaned and wiped to remove dirt and oils.

  7. Air Vents: The air vents are dusted and cleaned to ensure proper air circulation.

  8. Headliner: The headliner, which is the fabric covering the interior roof, is checked for dust and lightly cleaned if necessary.

  9. Windows and Mirrors: The interior windows and mirrors are cleaned using a glass cleaner or microfiber cloth.

  10. Gear Shift and Controls: The gear shift knob, buttons, and controls are wiped clean.

  11. Upholstery: If there are any upholstered surfaces like door panel fabric inserts or cloth-covered seats, they are gently cleaned to remove dust and dirt.

  12. Trunk Area: If applicable, the trunk area is vacuumed and checked for any loose debris.