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Best Car Coating In Cork

Car Coating In Cork

Our Car Coating In Cork company strive to provide high quality products that cover all types of vehicles and provide comprehensive protection. As the first certified manufacturer of 10H and N1 ceramic coatings, we are one of the best automotive companies on the market.

Choose an Car Coating In Cork membrane and ensure maximum shine and long-lasting protection. Our Car Coating In Cork company products are imbued with the latest nanotechnology, so they offer the best possible image protection.
Our experts Car Coating In Cork has created a great working solution for car enthusiasts who often struggle to find the right protection against dirt, garages, sun exposure, birds and chemicals.

Using state-of-the-art graphene infusion technology, our Car Coating In Cork have created a coating solution on graphene sheets to create the greatest protection for paint jobs.

Different Types of Car Coating in Cork

  1. Ceramic Car Coating: Ceramic coating is a polymer and carbon-based liquid that chemically bonds to the vehicle’s paint to create a protective layer. Ceramic coatings are also more resistant to acid and alkaline coatings than glass coatings.
    Because the ceramic membrane is hydrophobic, it allows water to flow in and out, making cleaning much easier.
    The ceramic coating creates a permanent or semi-permanent bond with the car’s paint. This ensures a strong bond, so the coating does not chip or break. So you don’t have to pay car insurance every month. It also applies relatively quickly.
  2. Glass Car Coating : Silicon dioxide or silica is the main ingredient in the production of glass, hence the name glass coating. Since the mirror is mostly non-reciprocal, it does not bind anything to itself. Resins in the glass coating allow the adhesive to adhere. Although glass coatings is generally stronger and lasts longer than ceramic coating, the resins used are not very resistant to high or low PH chemicals and cleaners. So be careful not to wash a dirty shirt.

Benefits of Car Coatings

  • Protects Your Paint: Every time you drive your car, you expose the paint to various contaminants that can cause damage. The ceramic coating provides a strong surface protection for your body. preventing any external material from damaging your car. It can withstand a large amount of damage without showing visible effects on your car, such as fading, oxidation and chemical discoloration. A ceramic coating can protect your car from harmful UV rays that can lead to oxidation. This is especially useful if you park your car outside.
  • Keeps Your Car Cleaner: If the surface is hard, which is a ceramic coating, the dirt or debris will roll on the surface instead of getting trapped in the small pockets of the vehicle body. This means that your car stays clean and even after washing it takes much less time to remove the dirt than usual!
  • Lasts Longer Than Other Paint Protection Methods: Traditional paint coatings such as wax wear much faster than ceramic coatings. By choosing a ceramic coating from Car Coating In Cork, you can make it last for years, without fatigue from exposure to the elements, atmospheric particles, birds or other pollutants.
  • Cost Effective: One of the best things about ceramic coating is that it is a very affordable option for vehicle owners. While the investment is a little more upfront, it’s less in the long run because you don’t have to spend a lot of money on things like upgrades, car washes, and other individual outsourced services.

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