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Full Dry Interior

Full Dry Interior

Almost every single day, for the most of us, the morning journey in our car to  work is the time which decides our mood for the rest of the day. We travel on an average for more than an hour through pollution, dust and heavy traffic, which makes us tired and agitated. It can be even more frustrating if the interior of our car is dull, unclean or messy.

Over a period of time, plastic and wooden interiors of cars tend to loosen up, dust and grime tend to accumulate in various corners inside the car and mirrors look foggy. Even though we do carry a piece of cloth for a quick wiping of car interiors, it does not give fresh and clean look for a long time that’s why you need full dry interior service

Keep your car interiors looking new

Interior Premium Treatment ensures that your car’s interiors are spotless clean. 3M™ Foam-It cleaner solution is applied to seats, windows & dashboards to remove dust and grime. Then,  Spray Dresser is applied on plastic and rubber parts to improve the overall aesthetics and life of your car parts. All glasses and mirrors are cleaned 3M™ Glass Cleaner to give it a squeaky shine.

Effectively removes stains and dirt from the car’s interior surface
Preserves paint and plastic finish for a longer duration than normal
Leaves no greasy residue
Enhances the look, shine & durability of vehicle plastics and leather upholstery
Gives streak free visibility for glass and windshields

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